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June 16, 2021
tips on helping your parent transition to assisted living in st. louis

8 Tips for Helping Your Parent Transition to Assisted Living

When the time comes that a parent can no longer continue to live safely at home, emotions may be running high. Medical conditions, growing fragility, loneliness, or an inability to care for oneself will force families to rethink the best living arrangement for their senior loved one. These can be intensely personal decisions. And though after the fact, transitioning to assisted living is usually considered a positive change, there can be many uncomfortable moments on the road to that outcome. For the older individual, this is a major life event, […]
June 15, 2021
Del Massey Black and White FVSH People Blog

We Are Friendship Village: Del Massey, Friendship Village Sunset Hills resident

Question: When you look back, what are some of the highlights of your life? Answer: “I was involved in music activities in high school in Liberty, MO and was asked to direct the school band in my senior year because our band director was drafted.” “A friend of mine was a member of a barbershop chorus and we formed a quartet. We often sang at retirement homes, one of which was Friendship Village! The highlight of my career was joining the Ambassadors of Harmony, an award-winning chorus of 160 men. […]
June 2, 2021
senior couple choosing an independent living community in st. louis

What to Look for When Choosing an Independent Living Community

For the sake of discussion, let’s imagine a retired couple. They are active and in good health. They can safely manage their personal care needs now, but they know a community offering on-site care will position them well for the future. They’d like to maintain their active lifestyle and even expand their social horizons. They’re looking for independent living within a continuing care retirement community. How should they go about choosing an independent living community? What questions should they ask? What is independent living? That’s a good question to start […]
June 1, 2021
Jane Crowe BW PB FVSH

We Are Friendship Village: Jane Crowe, Friendship Village Sunset Hills resident

Question: Is there something you like to think of first thing in the morning? Answer: “The first thing on my mind is ‘Don’t fall.’ Honestly, every day I think that. But, seriously, I am very lucky. And every day I wake up and I feel that every single day, I’m so lucky to be here (at Friendship Village). I ask myself ‘How did I end up here?’ Me being here was totally accidental. God was doing the puppet thing.” “My husband died and four months later I was diagnosed with […]
May 28, 2021
seniors packing up boxes to downsize into senior living

Seven Downsizing Tips for Seniors in St. Louis

Congratulations! You’ve decided you’re ready to rightsize from your much-too-large home into a comfortable, active senior living community. No more yardwork, home upkeep, cooking, cleaning or maintenance for you. Now all you have to do is find some helpful downsizing tips for seniors – then start downsizing, packing and moving. Sounds fun, right? Right? Ok, maybe “fun” isn’t the right word. The downsizing process, not to mention packing and moving itself, can be time-consuming and laborious, especially for an older adult. Friends and family members may offer to help with decluttering […]
May 19, 2021
senior couple with their arms around another outside a senior living community

What Does Faith-Based Senior Living Look Like?

About 83% of the largest not-for-profit senior living communities have some type of faith-based affiliation. Why is faith-based senior living so prevalent – and how does it benefit residents, even if they don’t ascribe to a particular belief system? Spiritual Wellness The National Wellness Institute defines spiritual wellness as “the search for meaning and purpose in human existence.” Simply put, it’s about being connected to something greater than yourself and having a set of values that guide your actions. It can mean participating in a specific religious practice, but it […]
May 18, 2021
Margaret Lane BW ZZ

We Are Friendship Village: Margaret Lane, resident Friendship Village Chesterfield

Question: Family and raising your children have been important parts of your life. Do you have any stories from when they were younger? Answer: I have four children, seven grandchildren, and I’ve been married for 63 years, so I’d say family has been the center of my life. Frank, my husband, traveled a lot for work, so when our kids were younger and in school, that’s where a lot of my time and energy was focused. One of the more interesting stories I remember from that time was when our […]
May 7, 2021
Two seniors sitting outdoors together

A Guide to Understanding Your Senior Living Options in St. Louis

There are a lot of senior living options in the St. Louis area – and they’re not all the same. If you’re starting to consider senior living for yourself or a loved one, here’s what you need to know about the different types of communities and what they offer. Active Adult Communities Typically restricted to people who are 55+, these senior living options offer residential living, usually in single-family homes, townhomes or condominiums, either for sale or for rent. Meals, outdoor maintenance, and other services might be included in the […]
April 30, 2021

Moving Made Easy

Missed our Moving Made Easy Downsizing event? No worries, we got you covered! Check out the video  to hear from our moving experts that partner with Friendship Village! The St. Louis area real estate market is booming!  It is a seller’s market with houses often selling before going on the market and often above asking price. The trend is expected to continue through 2021. Mitch Beuke is a Friendship Village Chesterfield Preferred Realtor, assisting future residents comfortably market and sell their homes.  “I’m cautiously optimistic that the market will remain […]

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