Hospice Care
Find Dignity, Quality, and Comfort with Hospice Care at Friendship Village

A younger individual holds hands with a Hospice Care resident.
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Hospice Care that Nurtures Mind, Body, and Spirit

At Friendship Village, our Hospice Care is more than a service; it's a compassionate approach to providing comfort and dignity during challenging times. Our team works diligently to provide a loving, warm and secure environment in which our residents have access to a wide range of award- winning services and amenities, designed to support their mind, body and spirit.

A Friendship Village caregiver grasps the hands of a Hospice Care resident.

We Bring Grace to the Hospice Journey

1. Consultation
Begin your hospice care journey with a personalized consultation. Our team listens to your needs, answers your questions and will outline a comprehensive plan catered to you.
2. Planning
Work with our dedicated professionals to implement the care plan, ensuring your comfort and emotional well-being.
3. Support
Receive continuous support throughout your hospice care journey. Our commitment is to make each moment meaningful, offering compassionate care that prioritizes your comfort and dignity.

Compassionate Commitment

Our commitment to you is unwavering. FV Hospice is ready 24/7, 365 days a year. Through a shared decision-making approach, we empower residents and families - ensuring that we exceed your hopes, goals, and expectations.

Personalized Wishes Matter

Dedicated to honoring your wishes, our team collaborates to plan the rest of your life according to your unique preferences. FV Hospice maximizes quality of life, offering hope for dignity, quality, and comfort.

Accredited Excellence

Fully accredited by CHAP (Community Health Accreditation Partner) Standards for Excellence, FV Hospice upholds the highest standard in end-of-life care. Our dedication to excellence ensures that you or your loved one receive the quality care they deserve.

Why Choose FV for Hospice Care:

A Hospice Care resident leans on the shoulder of a younger individual.
A younger individual walks with their arm around the shoulder of a Hospice Care resident.
  • Weight loss
  • Multiple hospitalizations
  • Increased assistance needs
  • Worsening symptoms 

    (difficulty breathing, increased sleep, leg swelling)
  • Pain and anxiety
  • Not responding to treatments
  • Life expectancy of six months or less without further curative treatments
When is the Right Time to Pursue Hospice Care?
Hospice is a profound gift for those with a terminal illness. Signs that hospice may be appropriate include:
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What is Typically Covered by Your Hospice Benefit

Personalized comforting care by a collaborative team for pain and symptom management.
Tailored actions related to your hospice admitting diagnosis, including medications, therapeutic support, complementary services, and necessary equipment.
Emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial aid for the patient, with bereavement services offered to loved ones.
Dedicated social workers to navigate healthcare benefits, resources, and end-of-life planning.
Trained volunteers spending valuable time with patients and families.

Friendship Village — the Only Life Care Community in the St. Louis Area

Friendship Village is a Life Care Community, which makes its pricing and value unique in St. Louis. Secured by an entrance fee and a monthly service fee, Life Care gives you access to a full continuum of care, at essentially the same fee as your current residence. Think of it as an insurance policy, but one that covers your living expenses should you need to transition to Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation or Memory Care. No other community in the St. Louis area offers The Life Care Difference.

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"I think the best years of my life will be at Friendship Village."

Sunset Hills

“I have security and I have peace of mind.”

Sunset Hills

“I have made a wonderful group of friends, we play cards, I go to dance class, I go on outings, I get involved.”

Sunset Hills

“There's everything here that I need at this time of my life. The people, the activities, the opportunities for growth.”

Sunset Hills

“I have met so many beautiful, wonderful people who have enriched my life. I wouldn't want to think of missing that opportunity."

Sunset Hills

“If people wait too long, I think they’re missing many of the opportunities to live a fuller life.” - Sunset Hills Resident

Sunset Hills


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