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Explore Person-centered Memory Care in a Family Setting

When you’re researching memory care programs, look for a community with a welcoming, neighborhood feel, where the focus is on dignity, quality of life, personal growth and safety. You’ll find it all at the Friendship Village Memory Care Neighborhood, available at our Sunset Hills and Chesterfield locations, near St. Louis, Missouri.

Our Memory Care Program at Sunset Hills has earned a Sliver Credential from the Center for Applied Research in Dementia (CARD).

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Our Memory Care Team members are certified as Montessori Dementia Care Professionals and are implementing the Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® in our approach to care. This approach focuses on each resident’s individual needs to create a more engaged and fulfilled community. Residents are directly involved in creating the environment THEY want, including helping to direct their life-enrichment activities, participating in creating the community’s activity calendar, helping decorate their homes and common spaces and even helping to bake delicious treats for themselves and their neighbors!

We believe helping to empower residents to participate in the activities which shape their lives keeps them engaged, happy and healthy.

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Innovative Memory Care Features

  • Specially designed environment: Our small neighborhood, with private apartments, enriching activities, deliciously healthy dining and beautifully designed social spaces, creates a comforting, easy-to-navigate environment for residents.
  • Around-the-clock care by specially trained staff: Friendship Village caregivers receive specialized Alzheimer’s Association training to maximize quality of life for those with memory loss.
  • Resident-centered program: Our engaging memory care programming is designed to include both planned and spontaneous activities, tailored to each individual’s unique desires. The day may begin with music therapy but quickly move to a reminiscing activity. Our goal is to remain flexible as the day unfolds for each individual.
  • Personal safety: Our well-designed space utilizes modern security features to support our neighborhood setting while ensuring personal safety.

Memory Care Programs and Floor Plan

ICCDP and Cen4ARD Certifications for the Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® Approach

ICCDP logo Cen4ARD logoWe hold our Memory Care program to the highest standards of excellence, partnering with leading research organizations like the International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners and the Center for Applied Research in Dementia. Following the Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® approach, we focus on each resident’s individual needs in order to improve outcomes and create a more engaged and fulfilled community.

IN2L (It’s Never 2 Late®)

IN2L logoIN2L is an innovative touchscreen computer system designed for Assisted Living residents, programmed for activities, games, therapy, reminiscing, music, virtual travel and more. Best of all, it is an easy way for residents to stay directly connected with family, friends and the world around them.

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Music and Memory®

Music memory logoFor residents living with Alzheimer’s, dementia or memory loss, music can be a powerful tool for tapping into deep emotional recall, encouraging connections with past memories and allowing them to engage more in the present. Our Music and Memory® specialists hold private and group sessions, keeping track of residents’ progress by recording mood trends before and after sessions.

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VirtuSense logoFalling is the number-one risk factor among senior citizens, often signaling a decline in health. VST Balance® uses 3D technology to help visualize and assess the balance of residents, taking them through assessments that evaluate walking speed, range of motion and general mobility. Our wellness specialists can then develop personalized programs to help maintain strength and balance and prevent falls.

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Floor Plan
Memory Care • 1 Bed, 1 Bath, 314 SF

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We invite you to visit our Memory Care program.

Speak with our senior living team by calling 314-730-3902 for Friendship Village Sunset Hills or 636-255-8281 for Friendship Village Chesterfield.