Friendship Villages’ July 26, 2021 COVID-19 update.

This update is to announce that Friendship Villages will be complying with a new St. Louis County mask requirement beginning today, Monday, July 26, 2021.

Effective at 7 pm and onward, until further notice, all residents, visitors and staff everywhere on campus and while in public spaces inside buildings are required to wear masks once again. Masks will not be required outdoors but will, instead, be optional. When seated in a dining venue, masks can be removed.

We fully understand that, while virtually all residents have been vaccinated, as have most of our staff, there is still a growing risk in the surrounding community of contracting COVID-19 (particularly the Delta-variant). For this reason, we are complying with this new County mandate until it is lifted.

There is no reduction of activities or programs due to this new requirement. All activities and programs and freedom of movement are in full swing. Visitor policies have not changed. All are welcome!

Our residents are having a great time on excursions, having patio cookouts, State-Fair activities, Cardinals baseball games, joy rides, restaurant outings , fitness classes and all of the activities they can possibly wish to fit onto their days.

We praise God for the mercies He has shown to the Friendship Villages, and we thank all of our friends and families for the prayers and support during this time.

Friendship Villages’ June 4, 2021 COVID-19 update.

We are thrilled that our Independent Living communities are having a great time.  All residents are maskless, dining rooms are open, activities are in full swing, excursions off-campus are happening, and visitors are visiting.  Since our full immunization effort concluded for residents who were living on campus in the early part of February, there have been no cases of COVID for this group.  All new residents arriving since then had either been previously vaccinated or were able to receive vaccinations on campus in one of our weekly clinics.  The effects of being “COVID-free” have been a blessing to everyone as the activities and events have been restored and live is buzzing, once again, all around campus.

In our Assisted Living and Memory Care communities, as State-licensed facilities, residents and staff are still wearing masks until those rules are changed, but our residents are COVID-free, dining in dining rooms, welcoming visitors and having a great time.

In our Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation communities, also as State-licensed facilities, there are no residents with COVID-19 but, per regulations, everyone still wears masks.  Resident activities are back in force, though, visitors are welcome on a scheduled basis, and dining is, once again, an exciting part of the highlights of the day.  Visit details are available by contacting each location.

We could not be more excited for our residents as life is pretty close to normal in Independent Living and getting closer to normal every day in our licensed areas.

Life is Back!  We praise God for the mercies He has shown to Friendship Villages, and we thank all of our friends and family for your prayers and support during all of this time.

The LAST (for now) Friendship Village Senior Services’ Update and Response to COVID-19 as of Friday, February 19th, 2021

Celebration!  As of Thursday, February 18th, approximately 99% of all residents at every level of care on both campuses have been fully immunized.  This has been a wonderful blessing for our residents and our Villages.

As of today, of all residents at all levels of care, only one is currently COVID-positive and they are recovering well from the virus they had contracted from off campus.

We are hopeful that our Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing facilities will be able to conduct indoor visits beginning at some point next week as soon as government authorities allow us to do so.  Those facilities will inform appropriate individuals as this positive change takes place.  We are very excited for this to happen as soon as allowed so that families can reunite!

We are building plans for ongoing, regular vaccinations, on-site, as new residents and employees come to campus, in our effort to continuously maintain a high level of immunity.

Because of our very positive resident COVID status over the past few weeks and now with the very high rate of immunization among all of our residents, updates on this website will be scaled-back and reduced going forward.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact the appropriate campus if questions arise.

This has been quite a year, since March of 2020, and we have indeed been blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ to have gotten to this point.

Thank you for having followed along with us on this site for all these weeks and months as we have both celebrated successes and mourned losses.

God is with us!


COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Vaccine
On-Going Vaccine Clinic for Future Residents and Employees

March 8th, 2021

Friendship Village is pleased to announce that we are offering a continuous, ongoing COVID-19 vaccination program for all new residents and staff at all levels of care beginning in April, 2021. With vaccination clinics alternating between the two campuses every Thursday, all new residents and all new employees and their friends and family who meet criteria set by the State of Missouri (currently those over the age of 65) will be able to receive COVID-19 vaccinations on campus. Please contact either Village for details.
Essential Construction Guidelines
New Department Of Homeland Security Guidance Clarifies Construction’s Role In Supporting Essential Critical Infrastructure

March 28, 2020

Construction Officials Say New Federal Guidance Should Signal to State and Local Officials the Need to Allow Construction Activity to Continue, or Resume, During Coronavirus-Related Work Stoppages

The chief executive officer of the Associated General Contractors of America, Stephen E. Sandherr, issued the following statement in reaction to the release of new guidance (link is external) from the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency that clarifies construction’s critical role in supporting essential infrastructure.

“Federal officials have, wisely, heeded our advice and opted to release new guidance that makes it clear that construction activities are included in its list of essential critical infrastructure workers. This new federal guidance should help eliminate the confusion and ambiguity that has led several state and local officials to needlessly order halts to construction activity that is clearly essential.

“Specifically, federal officials have opted to identify construction and related activities, including the manufacture and delivery of construction supplies and safety equipment and the permitting & inspection of projects, in 25 different parts of its guidelines, compared to four times in its prior iteration. That is because federal officials understand the essential role construction plays in supporting our critical infrastructure and economic activities. They also understand that construction activity can continue to occur in a way that protects workers and the general public from the spread of coronavirus.

“Moving forward, we are eager to work with state and local officials to help them better understand how to heed this new federal guidance so they can continue, or begin, to allow construction work to proceed in their jurisdictions.”

Click Here for Friendship Village’s Construction Protocol Statement.

Thank You To The Heroes