Cost Comparison Calculator

Cost Comparison Calculator
Resort-style retirement communities in St. Louis.

Cost Comparison Calculator

Compare Your Current Housing Expenses to Costs at a Retirement Community

With our cost comparison calculator, just fill in the blanks for your CURRENT rent/mortgage, utilities, taxes and other monthly expenses, THEN do the same for Friendship Village.

Friendship Village is the area’s only Life Care community. Our affordable monthly fees include all future health care costs.

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With the Cost and Compare form below, simply fill in the blanks with your current monthly living expenses to automatically see a report showing a comparison with the costs of living at Friendship Village.

Some helpful hints:

  • If a given field is NOT applicable to you, enter “0” in the box.
  • If you are not sure about a given expense, click on the “Area average” button to pre-populate the field with the average estimated cost for your area.
  • Remember to use monthly figures.
  • Feel free to call our senior living specialists at 636-898-8500 for Chesterfield and 314-270-7700 for Sunset Hills for help or to discuss your results!

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Friendship Village Senior Living

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Thank you for using our Cost and Compare tool! It’s a quick and easy way to see how your current monthly expenses compare to monthly fees at Friendship Village Senior Living.

Monthly Cost/Fee Your Expenses Now Sunset Hills Senior Living Cost
Housing expenses
Mortgage/rent payment/mortgage interest and other monthly charges Included
Homeowner’s insurance (*personal property not included) Included
Homeowners association dues (HOA) Included
Real estate property tax Included
Home security system/monthly monitoring fees Included
24-hour emergency response system Included
Upkeep & maintenance expenses
Home maintenance (monthly averages of updates, repairs and other maintenance expenses) Included
Furnace/air conditioning/major appliances upkeep or replacement Included
Housekeeping and linen services Included
Water, sewer, trash Included
Basic cable TV/internet services Included
Gas and electricity Included
Lawn services/snow removal/groundskeeping Included
Phone (landline, long-distance) Included
Lifestyle expenses
Health club dues and fitness / wellness classes Included
Activities (social, educational, entertainment) Included
One meal daily Included
Scheduled transportation (stores, doctor’s offices, restaurants, etc.) Included
Other miscellaneous expenses (medications, etc.) Included
Total estimated monthly expenses Starting at $2,000.00