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January 7, 2020

We Are Friendship Village: Paul Hennehan, resident Friendship Village Chesterfield

Question: What is your biggest takeaway from the travel you’ve done when you look back on all the trips? Answer: “I have always enjoyed travelling. One of the first trips I took with my wife Anita was to Greece and it was great. We flew into Istanbul and drove along the coast to Turkey where we boarded this really cool yacht to sail through the Greek islands. The people couldn’t have been nicer, even though we shared completely different cultures. Honestly, that was mostly our experience everywhere we went. I […]
January 6, 2020
Gus Frank People Blog FVSH Black and White

We Are Friendship Village: Gus Frank, resident Friendship Village Sunset Hills

Question: What was your favorite thing to do when you were younger? Answer: “I played ball (baseball). I pitched in high school and we won the city (St. Louis) and state tournaments in 1958. I was a left-handed pitcher. I tore up my shoulder because I needed a strikeout pitch and I read a book by Carl Hubbell and learned how to throw a screwball. I have arthritis because I tore up the ligaments in my shoulder throwing that screwball, but I didn’t tell the coach because then he wouldn’t […]
January 5, 2020

We Are Friendship Village: Anita Hennehan, resident Friendship Village Chesterfield

Question: You said you love art and travel, will you tell me a bit about that? Answer: “We traveled the world. We’ve traveled all over North America and I even published a few books. I wrote How to Run Away from Home After 50 and Tales from the Road: Adventures from Mid-Life Runaways, and Friendship Village is going to carry them in the library here. My husband and I have been traveling for 25 years. We met after we both lost our first spouse at a singles dance 30 years […]
January 4, 2020
Frank Meyer FVSH People Blog Black and White

We Are Friendship Village: Frank Meyer, resident Friendship Village Sunset Hills

Question: What is your favorite thing to do, Frank? Answer: Traveling. I’ve been traveling all my life. My first trip I can remember was in a Model A Ford in 1936. I can remember that because we were going and we pulled off highway 40 and stopped and my father looked at the road and said ‘Wish us good luck’. I was five and I stood up in the back seat and I could see it. The road was just a muddy ditch with two ruts in it. My dad […]
January 3, 2020
Skip Johnson FVSH People Blog Black and White

We Are Friendship Village: Skip Johnson, Resident Friendship Village Sunset Hills

Question: What makes you happy? Answer: “I like helping others. I go to the Care Center (at Friendship Village) two or three times a week and talk with them. They just don’t get many visitors, so they really just like to see somebody. And my dog Diamond also makes me happy. She keeps me company. My wife passed away last year and Diamond has been terrific. She’s a show dog and my wife showed dogs for forty years.” #WeAreFriendshipVillage #senior #retirement #assistedliving #memorycare #aginginplace #seniorliving
January 2, 2020

We Are Friendship Village: Resident Carl Gillam, Friendship Village Chesterfield

Question: What is something you’re interested in, Carl? Answer: “I’ve always been a history and geography buff and I served from 1960-63 in the Army Security Agency. I was actually in the Philippines for two years and I really enjoyed the service over there. Now with my Optelec, (reading magnification machine) I like to read, which is the only way I can anymore because of my macular degeneration. I like to read mostly nonfiction things. I have a Time Life series of books about different things. Like for example, I […]
January 1, 2020
Queenie Mracek Fountian View 4 Years BW

We Are Friendship Village: Resident Queenie Mracek, Friendship Village Assisted Living and Memory Care

Question: What is one thing you have found at Friendship Village that you are really surprised about? Answer: I have found wonderful wonderful friends and I love them all. Finding friends starts out very slow. You have to be aggressive. You have to go up to the people, talk to them and you have to make yourself known. You’ve gotta make the first move. And then if they like you, they will include you in with their group. That’s the only way you can do it. #WeAreFriendshipVillage #seniorliving #retirementliving #assistedliving […]
December 24, 2019
Blog Snip Future of CCRCs

You can help shape the future of CCRCs. What do you think can change for the better?

As senior living communities like Friendship Village Chesterfield and Sunset Hills move into the future, these retirement communities will evolve and trends will emerge. What would you like to see in senior communities? More memory care? More senior home care? Senior living communities have changed so much in recent years, we’re excited for the next evolution(s) in senior living! Click the link below to see what folks are talking about!  
December 20, 2019
Train Setup Snip

The Holiday Train is Set Up in the Clubhouse Lobby in Sunset Hills

Friendship Village Sunset Hills Rail Roaders’ club vice president George Kacic and Friendship Village Sunset Hills’ Creative Arts Coordinator Jenna Schuermeyer work to get the club’s holiday train display set up in the Clubhouse lobby. This annual tradition brings smiles to a lot of faces and we’re always glad to see it because it means the holidays are coming up fast! The train will be running December 21st-23rd and 26th-29th from 4-7pm on those days. It will be on display, but not running Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Thanks again […]

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