Friendship Village Chesterfield Testimonials

Reviews From Our Residents

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    “I always thought I would enjoy life at FVC, but it far exceeds my expectations. I love it here. It’s one big community of friends. We are well-named! Our extremely gifted staff members do an excellent job in getting to know each resident, learning their interests and talents and encouraging us to get involved. They make everything we do FUN, and by getting involved, we make friends with those of similar interests.”
    Madge, resident
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    “I LOVE all the exercise classes offered at FVC. We have so many choices, such as functional fitness, posture and balance, yoga, tai chi, low-impact Parkinson fitness, walking club and water fitness classes. I engage in many of these activities daily and encourage my friends to do the same. The instructors are first class.”
    Diane, resident
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    “My wife and I came to Friendship Village Chesterfield in 2014. We live in a villa and love the sense of independence it provides. We no longer have to worry about serious cooking, painting walls, getting on ladders, raking leaves and completing a myriad of other domestic responsibilities. In other words, we appreciate the freedom, sense of security and camaraderie the Village offers.”
    Paul and Bernadette, residents
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    “I always thought retirement should be a time to enjoy life, and thanks to the Life Care program at Friendship Village Chesterfield, it is. We have felt at home here since our first day, seven years ago, and love our comfortable apartment, new friends and many activities. There is truly something for everyone here.”
    Aline, resident
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    “Our decision to make our home at Friendship Village has been one of our best ever! There are so many great activities — bus outings, wonderful food and beautiful gardens. We have met many wonderful new friends to do things with, and everyone is very friendly.”
    Carol, resident
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    “Maybe it’s training, maybe it’s careful personnel selection, but all of the staff specialize in being friendly and helpful.”
    Owen, resident
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    “The friendly staff provides comfortable, attractive surroundings in our private apartments and common areas like the courtyard — a relaxing place of year-round beauty.”
    Barbara, resident
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    “Living here for a year now, I have found it to be one of the happiest, most stress-free years of my life. Exercise classes and a chance to garden help my body, while I enjoy the camaraderie that I missed when in my own home. My dogs and I do enjoy the ‘Central Bark’ dog park! I love to garden while my dogs get to wander safely yet be with me."
    Claudia, resident
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    “Residents and staff were so welcoming, kind and helpful in my early weeks as a new resident. It quickly helped me feel at home and settled. All the available activities, events and the facilities keep us busy and challenged. It’s a great place to live!"
    Mary, resident
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    “Friendship Village offers such a variety of activities — both for groups and for individuals — that you find you are as busy as you want to be. A well-equipped fitness center, supported by a full-time personal trainer, provides ample opportunity to maintain our physical well-being.”
    Riley, resident
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    “My villa has been a wonderful blessing for me. My 10 years here have been a time of enjoyment and warm friendship. It’s a not-for-profit organization with affordable rates and services that give you all you need. There is wonderful transportation, live entertainment, tours, education in arts and crafts and opportunities for exercise — to swim and keep fit. I’m celebrating life’s moments, big and small, with a feeling of security.”
    Billie, resident

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